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The Chef  and our kitchen staff prepare the most wonderful dishes with extraordinary specials on Monday and Saturday and special occasions like the Holidays.


Enjoy Monday night with a special lobster menu and on Saturday feel like a local and try out our three course local menu. We offer a wide selection of Vegan & Vegetarian menu options.


Special occasions do not go unnoticed at Ike's Bistro as the chef is known to whip up enticing menus to surprise loved ones for an exceptional dining experience.


We also offer the possibility to indulge yourself next to our regular menu with the 4-course chef surprise menu and a vegetarian special. Don't forget our exquisite wine-pairing option to seal the deal on an evening you won't forget. 


Daily Specials

Vegan & Vegetarian


Every day our chef offers a delicious Vegan & Vegetarian Menu to enjoy the flavors of organic and local grown food.


Ask your server for the special of the day.

Screenshot 2024-01-30 144934.png
Lobster Menu
Screenshot 2024-01-30 144811.png
Local Menu
Paella Night - 2024.png
Special Occasions

Special Occasions

For more information about our restaurant and special occasions coming up, visit our Facebook page here.

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